Qualitative and Quantitative market research

When it comes to understanding your target market and unlocking the potential for your brand, let us help you accurately identify market opportunities. We can assist you in conducting an analysis of your category and consumer dynamics. Enquire today for more information.

Our methodologies are linked to a brand-driven approach, covering the full consumer journey of brand-in-market, brand-in-mind and brand-in-store. We offer a wide variety of research methodologies tailored to suit each client’s needs.

Specialised market research services

We provide specialised Qualitative and Quantitative services to help you understand your potential sphere of influence, and uncover opportunities for success within the industries that you operate in.

We also provide Ethnographic Research for when observation and interaction is needed to record consumers’ opinions and behavior in their natural environment. It is important to observe and report on not only what consumers say, but also what they do. We look at cultural trends, lifestyle factors, attitudes and how social context influences product selection and usage.

But that’s not all – our range of research services include recruitment, focus group discussions, interviews, shopper accompaniment, and a host of activities designed to extract relevant and useful information from respondents, enabling you to have a consumer-centric approach to your business. Click here for a comprehensive list of our other services.

Extensive experience and expertise

Analysing a target market involves experience and expertise, both of which we have in abundance. We thrive on providing thorough, in-depth information to our clients who continually return for our expertise on further research projects. If you want to gather relevant information and useful market intelligence, contact The Solution Workshop. We have achieved outstanding results for companies for many years, with our knowledgeable staff and professional approach.

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