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Whether you want to launch a new product to market, improve on an existing product, or test a new concept, understanding your consumer base is instrumental to ensure a successful market penetration and return on investment. The first step to ensuring that you and your business make well-informed decisions based on relevant data and current information is to deal with a professional, well-established market research company. That is where we come in: our competitive pricing structure, quality in-house recruitment and many years of project experience, ensures that we can provide you with in-depth consumer research and customer analysis.

The Solution Workshop is a consumer insights agency, providing authoritative high quality market research services – both locally and internationally. With 24 years of blue-chip project experience, we offer the following solutions, all under one roof:

  • VENUES: Boardroom and viewing facilities, with FocusVision
  • SKILL: Experienced, intuitive moderators
  • EXCELLENCE: High quality, in-house recruiting
  • VALUE: Competitive pricing structure
  • EXPLORATION: In-depth, strategic analysis and report writing
  • PROCESSING: Transcribing, translating, note taking and data capturing
  • CATERING: Tailored for all dietary requirements

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