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Quantify consumer opinions and behaviour

Quantitative research allows you to understand, measure and quantify your consumers’ opinions, behaviour and purchasing patterns. By conducting surveys, whether face-to-face, telephonic or online, a large amount of consumer responses can be gathered. Tabling this data will allow you to make accurate and informed decisions, particularly when combined with our qualitative research.

Once data is collected, a quantitative data analysis is then undertaken with the findings graphically represented in an extensive report that accurately and simply explains the results of our research, allowing you to make informed decisions. We encourage our clients to conduct further quantitative research to corroborate any original findings in qualitative studies.

Telephonic and Electronic Research

With telephonic research, we are easily able to conduct interviews with qualified participants within a selected demographic, on your behalf, in order to generate relevant information for your business. Our in-house recruitment team can easily access a large sample of suitable respondent databases. Alternatively, we can work with your preferred lists.

Electronic research is a few clicks away. We are able to reach a vast number of people within hours by conducting electronic research. Surveys have been used successfully by us in the past to obtain valuable information on the motor industry, financial services industry, and also to find out more about client satisfaction.

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