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When you really want to understand your customer, their motivations, behaviour, and reasoning behind certain actions, qualitative research is the suggested route. Conducting face-to-face interviews and focus group discussions in a neutral, non-threatening environment will provide you with greater insight into your target market and potential new markets.

If you would like to launch a new product, test a fresh concept or your latest marketing initiative, we have a range of qualitative research methods suited to your needs. These are designed to provide you with optimal market intelligence and ultimately to make a decision based on high-quality research. Contact us at The Solution Workshop to discuss your marketing research requirements.

Focus Groups

Focus groups allow you to talk to consumers from different demographics to better understand how they feel about a new product, service or idea. Clients can observe from behind a one-way mirror in an open, relaxed setting, or stream the discussion utilising a video link for viewing in a remote room. We conduct our own recruiting and have skilled facilitators who are experts at moderating focus group discussions. There are a number of focus group methodologies that can be adapted according to the individual needs of each project. From mini-group discussions, extended group discussions, to conflict groups, friendship groups, and sensitivity panels.

In-Depth Interviews

In-depth interviews are conducted with targeted, selected respondents, allowing you a deeper insight into an individual’s way of thinking, their purchasing behaviour and decision making habits. Our experienced facilitators conduct these interviews, spending time at the participant’s home or place of work engaging in a discussion on relevant topics, providing useable and useful information.

Contact The Solution Workshop for qualitative market research services that will provide you with solid, practical and comprehensible market insights.

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