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Desk research, project consultation and concept writing

In addition to providing a full array of qualitative and quantitative primary research services, we provide a range of other services designed to help with your decision-making process. Contact The Solution Workshop, your South African market research specialists for qualitative and quantitative research services about any of our services.

Desk Research

In the internet age there is a wealth of solid information in the public sector, which often relates to target markets and consumer preferences. Desk research allows us to evaluate your competitors to see where they are located and how they market themselves.

Mystery Shopping

This method can be used to gauge the quality of services or products on offer by a company. An external party will go about purchasing a product, asking questions, or behaving in a certain way in order to feedback about their first-hand experiences. This data is then analysed and a detailed report provided in order for the client to measure the performance and effectiveness of the services on offer from both the client’s brand and those of competitors.

Concept Writing

We provide qualitative and concept writing training to clients. This includes workshops with brand and marketing teams to help you generate a strategic direction for the implementation of your findings post research.

Blueprint Training

Many companies have fantastic products but without the right strategy or correct brand blueprint, they struggle to penetrate the market. We will ensure that marketing research information and data is used intelligently and practically to help you grow your business. We can help you to see your business as your customers do, and assist you in creating a brand blueprint for your company.

Moderating and Moderator Training

Moderating focus group discussions is a skill that does not come easily. At The Solution Workshop we have excellent moderators, with years of experience and innovative methods of extracting information. We offer trained moderators for hire, and moderator training to any interested parties.

Contact The Solution Workshop, one of the leading marketing research companies in Africa. 


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