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Customer analysis, in-depth interviews and consumer immersions

Why not take your market research up a notch and gain a deeper understanding of relevant consumer actions, attitudes and behaviour with ethnographic research? With its origins in anthropology and sociology, this research methodology uses observation and interaction to focus on the cultural and social context of consumers’ actions and beliefs, and record the behaviour of consumers in their natural environment, as it is important to observe and report on not only what consumers say, but also on what they do.

Ethnographic research involves looking at cultural trends, lifestyle factors, attitudes and how social context influences product selection and usage. Methods include observation research, accompanied shopping, consumer immersions and in-depth interviews.

This could involve an in-depth interview at the subject’s home or a trip to a local store to monitor and understand their purchasing habits. The methods we use to conduct this ethnographic qualitative research may differ depending on the client’s product or idea. Contact us to find out more.

Observation Research

This is a highly effective method for gauging a human response to a product or service in real time, usually in a retail environment, allowing for analysis in terms of how consumers actually behave and how they think they behave, proving that this method is both relevant and useful.

Accompanied Shopping

Our team will accompany consumers on an actual shopping trip. This allows for real time observation of behaviour and purchasing habits. What consumers think they do at point of sale when they shop, and what they actually do, are often worlds apart.

Consumer Immersion

With consumer immersions we observe behaviour patterns as they actually occur. We observe, engage with, become immersed in and probe respondents as they go about their daily activities and routines.

Take your market research to the next level with ethnographic analysis, and get a deeper understanding of your target market. Contact us, your local marketing research experts, for more information.

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